A New Generation Deserves New Leaders

Every politician says he’s going to change Washington, but it rarely ever happens. I believe if we’re actually going to change Washington, we need to dramatically change the type of leaders we elect to Congress.

Electing the next guy in line won’t balance the budget. Electing one out of 435 members of Congress won’t pay back our national debt. And, electing a typical politician won’t jumpstart the economy.

We need a game-changer. We need to start a movement. I’m running for Congress because--as the youngest Congressman in the country--I will not only be the elected leader for Louisiana’s 6th district, I will be the spokesman for an entire generation of young Americans being left behind by both parties.

To balance the budget and save America from financial destruction, we need leaders from the next generation who can personally and passionately persuade the country to act. I refuse to just be another freshman Congressman--I will be the most effective and visible leader on the issues affecting our future.

Whether it’s enabling technology entrepreneurs to develop self-driving cars or cancer-fixing drugs, whether it’s passing entitlement reform or simplifying our tax code, or whether it’s opening up American energy and helping create new jobs--I will be in a position to lead from day one.

Our Problems Aren't Getting Smaller

Washington expects the next generation to subsidize Obamacare, pay off the $17 trillion national debt, pay insidious amounts of money for college, and bear the brunt of a terrible economy. If Washington insists on punting all the nation’s toughest problems to young Americans and future generations, it’s time for a young American to lead now.